Bridging the Gap in Real Estate Appraising

The 10K Minority Appraisers Foundation is dedicated to fostering diversity and inclusion within the real estate industry by connecting REALTIST, Realtors, and Brokers with certified minority appraisers.

Connecting REALTISTS, Realtors, and Brokers

Our foundation acts as a bridge between real estate professionals and minority-certified appraisers. We understand the importance of diversity in the industry and the need for a wide range of perspectives in property valuation. By facilitating these connections, we help REALTISTS, Realtors, and brokers expand their network and tap into a pool of highly qualified appraisers with diverse backgrounds and experiences.

Enhancing Company Visibility

Visibility is key in the real estate industry, and we aim to boost the presence of real estate companies committed to diversity and inclusion.

By partnering with the 10K Minority Appraisers Foundation, real estate firms can showcase their commitment to equitable practices and attract a more diverse clientele. Our foundation actively promotes and highlights partner companies, further enhancing their reputation within the industry.

Special-Priced Appraisal Services

We understand that budget constraints can be a hurdle for real estate professionals. To address this, we work closely with minority-certified appraisers to offer special-priced appraisal services to our partners. This not only reduces costs for REALTISTS, realtors and brokers but also supports minority appraisers by providing them with a steady stream of business.

membership Benefits for REALTISTS, Realtors, and Brokers:

  • Access to a diverse pool of certified appraisers.
  • Increased company visibility and reputation.
  • Cost-effective appraisal services.
  • Support for diversity and inclusion initiatives.
  • Enhanced networking opportunities.
  • A platform to showcase skills and expertise.
  • A consistent stream of appraisal assignments.
  • Collaborative opportunities with real estate professionals.
  • Support for career advancement.
  • Increased visibility within the industry.

Exclusive Service Offerings:

Prelisting RESIDENTIAL Appraisals

As a member, access prelisting appraisals at a reduced rate of $400 (regular price $650), providing you with valuable insights for informed real estate decisions.

of Value

Benefit from reconsideration of value services for only $300, assisting you in resolving valuation-related issues efficiently.


20% off all commercial-related appraisal services.

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Get personalized insights and answers to your appraisal-related questions during exclusive Q&A sessions with our appraisal experts