10k Committees

Joining a 10K Minority Appraiser Foundation Committee means becoming part of a collective effort to advance our organization's mission. Together, we champion diversity and inclusion, provide vital support to minority individuals embarking on strategic partnerships or careers within the 10K ecosystem. Your membership and active participation will contribute significantly to these impactful goals.

Scholarship/youth Committee:

Purpose: To oversee the selection and distribution of scholarships to minority students pursuing education and training in real estate appraisal.

Responsibilities: Review scholarship applications, interview candidates, and ensure equitable distribution of funds.


Membership and Outreach Committee:

Purpose: To manage and expand the organization’s membership base and foster relationships with partners and stakeholders.

Responsibilities: Attract new members, maintain communication with existing members, and coordinate outreach efforts.


Educational and Training Committee:


Purpose: To enhance educational opportunities and training resources for aspiring minority appraisers.

Responsibilities: Develop and curate educational content, organize training workshops, and ensure access to relevant industry knowledge.

African American female insurance agent using laptop while having meeting with a couple in the office.

Community Engagement and Partnerships Committee:

Purpose: To strengthen ties with local communities and establish partnerships with organizations sharing similar goals.

Responsibilities: Plan community outreach events, collaborate with community leaders, and seek mutually beneficial partnerships to advance the organization’s mission.

Veteran's Committee:

Chairman: Lex

 Purpose: To support and empower veterans seeking careers in real estate appraisal.

Responsibilities: Develop programs and resources tailored to veterans’ needs, provide mentorship, and advocate for opportunities in the field.

Realtor Committee:

Chairman: Shonnie & Bilal

Purpose: To facilitate collaboration and connections between realtors and minority appraisers.

Responsibilities: Organize networking events, promote partnerships, and foster mutually beneficial relationships to bridge the gap between real estate professionals and minority appraisers.

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