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10K Minority Appraisers Foundation

By sponsoring minorities within your municipality, you can drive local workforce development and cultivate a thriving community.

Frequently Asked Question’s

Why Collaborate with 10KMA?

Empowering Through Partnership

These internships provide hands-on experience, enriching skill sets and preparing individuals for success.

Sponsor students from your municipality to contribute to workforce expansion.

Your support goes beyond employment; it strengthens community bonds.

Our appraisal trainees require hands on practical experience to develop the skills needed for a successful career.

10KMA covers key appraisal areas, including personal property, tax appeals, residential, commercial/ rights-of-away.

How it works

consulting with creative, customized end-to-end solutions


Embrace diversity in your team, promoting inclusivity and equality for a stronger society.


By nurturing local talent, you contribute to economic growth, helping your community thrive.

Equitable Appraisals

Ensure fair and objective personal property, tax appeals, residential, commercial/ rights-of-away appraisals for your municipality.

Opportunities Abound

Empower minorities with opportunities that enhance lives, improving the overall well-being of your community.

How to Participate:

consulting with creative, customized end-to-end solutions

1. Reach Out:

Connect with 10KMA to explore sponsorship opportunities and initiate a partnership that creates lasting change.

2. Tailored Solutions:

We customize our programs to align with your municipality's unique goals, ensuring a seamless collaboration.

3. Transform Together:

Partnering with 10KMA means investing in a brighter future, one that enriches lives and leaves a positive legacy.

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Contact 10KMA today to discover sponsorship possibilities and work together to build a stronger tomorrow.