Unveiling the 1890 Diversity and Inclusion Workforce Development Program

The 10K Minority Appraisal Foundation hosted a momentous Appraise and Mingle, Crystal City, Virginia. This event served as the secret launch of the groundbreaking 1890 Diversity and Inclusion Workforce Development Program. The foundation’s mission is clear: to address the striking lack of diversity within the real estate and appraising industry—a profession currently ranked as the third least diverse in the country, according to the Department of Labor Statistics.

A Commitment to Change

The 1890 program is driven by a commitment to infuse diversity into the realty and appraising field, particularly within government spaces where representation has been sorely lacking. Recognizing the urgency of this cause in today’s real estate landscape, the foundation embarked on this transformative journey.

Honoring Esteemed Speakers

Our event had some fantastic speakers who brought their unique perspectives to the table. James Heaslet, Chief Appraiser at the Department of Veteran Affairs, was one of our guest speakers. He shared valuable insights on “Workforce Opportunities with the VA for Minorities,” stressing the importance of excellent customer service for our deserving veterans.

Another standout speaker was Timothy Hansen, Director of the Office of Appraisal and Valuation at the U.S. Department of the Interior. He spoke about “Workforce Opportunities with the Government for Minorities” and discussed ways to make the industry more inclusive and provide equal opportunities.

Russel Rice, a Certified General Real Estate Appraiser with a ton of experience, also joined us. With a diverse background, including roles as an Expert Witness, USPAP instructor, involvement in State Regulation, and leadership in professional organizations like ASFMRA. Russel shared valuable insights into making the appraisal industry more inclusive and adaptable.

A Wonderful Turnout

The Appraise and Mingle Crystal City event had an impressive turnout, signifying the industry’s strong desire for change and a deep commitment to diversity and inclusion. Attendees departed feeling inspired, well-informed, and motivated to serve as catalysts for transformation in their respective roles.

The 10K Minority Appraisal Foundation is poised to continue its mission, guided by the invaluable insights shared during this event. The launch of the 1890 Diversity and Inclusion Workforce Development Program marks a significant step towards a more diverse, inclusive, and representative realty and appraising profession.

As the foundation looks to the future, it does so with gratitude to the speakers and all who attended, recognizing that together, they are shaping the appraisal industry’s destiny for the better.

Stay tuned for more updates from the 10K Minority Appraisal Foundation as we work tirelessly to drive positive change in the real estate and appraising sector.

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